Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

A massive open online course (MOOC) for unlimited participation and open access to online courses.

Originally, MOOC started out as a way to share courses and modules online, so that others can repurpose parts of your course in their course – leading to the free distribution and sharing of knowledge. MOOC has evolved to include sharing, distribution, marketing and sales of online courses, totally separate from the University system – so there are no credits involved.  Continuing personal and professional education and Lifelong Learning are the name of the game.

UdemyCoursera, Lynda, Learnterest, Udacity, edX, Codecademy are all part of the growing MOOC movement available outside the traditional university system. These systems allow for the philosophy of the network-based learning, while some charge for participation.

Written and Narrated by Dave Cormier Video by Neal Gillis Researchers: Dave Cormier Alexander McAuley George Siemens Bonnie Stewart Created through funding received by the University of Prince Edward Island through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s “Knowledge Synthesis Grants on the Digital Economy” CC-BY 2010


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