Have you made changes to images or files in WordPress and don’t see those changes when you refresh the screen?
Sometimes your browser, (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) will store (cache) a copy of web pages in order to make loading the the ones you use a lot, faster.

But, if you are building your own Website, you may still see your old page, and not all the work you have been putting into your site – especially when you change and update images.

There are some quick shortcuts to clearing your cache:

On a Mac
Chrome Command + Shift + R
Safari Command+Option+E

On a PC

Firefox Command Ctrl+shift+delete
Chrome Command shift+Ctrl+delete
Safari Command Ctrl+alt+ e

You internet service provider also has a cache on their “master” server – and if it isn’t configured correctly, you can see a different page depending on what part of the world you are in.

This isn’t always helpful, especially when you are installing WordPress, or going to a site with a login page.


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